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Reynolds, D and Kearns, H and Mullany, P and Leavy, CP and Cusack, Denis A (2001) Introduction to evidential breath testing in Ireland. Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland, 7, (1), pp. 9-12.

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Under section 6 of the 1994 Road Traffic Act, the Medical Bureau of Road Safely (the Bureau) has a statutory duty to arrange for the approval, supply and testing of apparatus for determining the concentration of alcohol in the breath. As part of the Government Strategy for Road Safety 1998-2002, the Bureau evaluated different types of instruments for this purpose from June 1999 to September 1999. The four instruments tested by the Bureau in the laboratory comply with the Bureau requirements and are suitable for evidential breath alcohol testing. On-going field tests show that these approved instruments continue to operate within their permitted tolerances and are under statistical control.

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