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Berry, CB and Crome, IB and Plant, M and Plant, M (2000) Substance misuse amongst anaesthetists in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Anaesthesia, 55, (10), 946 -952.

Three hundred and four departments of anaesthesia in UK and Ireland were sent questionnaires about alcohol and drug abuse in anaesthetists over the preceding 10-year period. Information was sought on the nature and extent of substance problems, their presentation and management. The survey achieved a high response rate of 71.7% and a total of 130 cases were reported, of whom 34.6% were consultants and 43.2% were trainees. Over 50% of respondents felt a lack of confidence in dealing with alcohol or drug misuse amongst colleagues. The results of this survey demonstrate that over one anaesthetist per month has presented with significant alcohol or drug misuse in the UK and Ireland over the last 10 years. It is important that those with management responsibilities for departments of anaesthesia are aware that such problems exist and are likely to impact on the professional ability and health of the affected individual. The Working Party on Substance Abuse at the Association of Anaesthetists has recently published guidance in the management of these problems. A case is made for increasing awareness in this sensitive subject to enable early recognition and treatment of an anaesthetist who is misusing alcohol and drugs since intervention can be effective.

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