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Gordon, Chris (1995) Drug offences: trends and patterns - 1970-1994. Communique: The Garda Management Journal , pp. 3-10.

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This article describes the evolution of a drugs problem in Irish Society from the early 1970s. Broad trends pertaining to the types of drugs used, the areas where drug use is most prevalent and demographic factors are examined. The drugs statistics cited derive from the annual Garda Síochána Reports on Crime, and describe detected drugs offences only. Increased drugs-related crime and violence have also placed a heavy strain on the criminal justice system. On average 70% of all known offences between 1978 and 1994 were for possession of controlled drugs for personal use. Statistics demonstrate that drugs misuse in Ireland was essentially an urban phenomenon, particularly in Dublin, up until 1990. Of 32000 persons charged between 1975 and 1994 almost 9 in 10 were male. Drugs offences detected have trebled since 1989 to almost 4600 in 1994, but correspond with intensive drugs related training for all probationer Gardaí.

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Publication Type
Irish-related, Open Access, Article
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Substances (not alcohol/tobacco)
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Crime prevention
December 1995
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pp. 3-10
Garda Siochana
Includes bibliographical references.

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