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Corrigan, Desmond (1981) Cannabis and health - a review. Irish Medical Journal, 74, (10), pp. 280-283.

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This article was written to resolve the doubt and confusion about cannabis, which the author suggested still existed, in spite of the fact that over 7,000 scientific articles had already been published on the subject.

The author believed the confusion was partly due to the fact that the drugs obtained from the cannabis plant were very complex and variable. He said that failure to take account of this could devalue the results of investigations into the pharmacological and toxicological effects of the drug. In this review, he described the drug preparations obtained from the cannabis plant, their potency, the amount of THC that enters the body, the effects of cannabis, and its toxicology. He then discussed a number of issues, including cannabis and reproduction, the pulmonary and cardiovascular effects of the drug, its effects on the brain, its interaction with other drugs, and whether or not it leads to misuse of other drugs. Finally, he looked at cannabis as a source of new drugs.

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Irish-related, Open Access, Review
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October 1981
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pp. 280-283
Irish Medical Organisation
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