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Clarke, Brid (1994) Drug using parents - the child care issues. Irish Social Worker , 12 , (2) , p. 9.

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This article examines changing societal attitudes regarding the welfare of children of drug using parents. The author argues that drug use or addiction does not necessarily imply neglect or abuse. Assessment of parental drug use should consider other factors such as the presence of a drug free parent in the home, the duration and pattern of the drug use, the extent to which a child's life is governed by the parental drug use and how the drugs are obtained. Intervention is initiated after a completed assessment, and children are taken into the care of the health boards. Child/parent separation may be temporary or on a long-term basis. Foster care by relatives has proved to be more beneficial, especially for adolescents.
To date, there is no residential rehabilitation service for drug using parents and their children. The best interests of the child will be promoted if childcare agencies and drug agencies work together.

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