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Wilson, C W M and Byrne, P J (1971) Drug-taking habits among school children in Ireland. Journal of the Irish Medical Association , 64 , (416) , pp. 367-371.

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This study reports the results from a survey on drug-taking of school children in Dublin. Children above the age of 14 years and from sixteen secondary schools catering for both sexes were issued questionnaires in the classroom. The children named 78 addictive substances of which they were aware, and 2.8 per cent of the total sample admitted to having taken drugs. A further 14.7 per cent stated they would like to try drugs, and more than one fifth knew someone taking drugs. It is concluded that although the incidence of drug taking is lower in Irish schools than in America, it is likely to escalate within the next 3 years unless effective government action is taken to reduce interest in drugs among children.

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July 1971
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pp. 367-371
Irish Medical Organisation
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