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Office of the Minister for Children. (2008) Teenagers' views on solutions to alcohol misuse: report on a national consultation. Dublin: Stationery Office.

PDF (Teenagers' views on solutions to alcohol misuse. Report on a national consultation.)

The consultations on which this report is based were designed to explore how young people themselves view teenage drinking and also to seek their views on the most effective ways of dealing with excessive teenage drinking. A group of 257 young people, between the ages of 12 and 18, were interview in 5 locations across the country. The consultations were framed to seek young people's views on the solutions to alcohol misuse.

The most important issues for the young people interviewed were:
• the legal age to drink alcohol;
• alternative alcohol-free facilities;
• education;
• law enforcement.

A number of specific and key solutions were also identified and prioritised by the participants using a 'sticky dot' voting system. The top 5 solutions emerged as:

• lower the legal age of drinking alcohol to 16;
• offer alternative alcohol-free facilities;
• role of parents;
• age-appropriate education programmes;
• updated and enforced ID system.

Other issues that were considered important by the participants included the role of the Gardaí, peer-mentoring programmes, the role of the media and advertising, and peer pressure in youth culture.

The consultations provided a space for candid, open and safe discussion on the issue of alcohol misuse. The participants were extremely grateful for the opportunity to express their opinions and views on the solutions to alcohol misuse.

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