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McVeigh, Jim and Eaton, Gail and Lodwick, Alan and Bellis, Mark A, eds. Eaton, Gail and Lodwick, Alan and Bellis, Mark A and McVeigh, Jim (2006) United Kingdom drug situation 2006 edition. United Kingdom: United Kingdom Focal Point on Drugs.

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The structure and content of this annual report are pre-determined by the EMCDDA to facilitate comparison with similar reports produced by the other European Focal Points. Ten chapters cover the same subjects each year, and three further chapters, giving in-depth information on selected issues, change from year to year. Each of the first ten chapters begins with an Overview. This sets the context for the remainder of the chapter, describing the main features of the topic under consideration within the United Kingdom. This may include information about the main legislative and organisational frameworks, sources of data and definitions used, the broad picture shown by the data and recent trends. The remainder of each chapter is concerned with New Developments and Trends that have not already been reported in previous reports. Generally, this includes developments that have occurred in the second half of 2005 or the first half of 2006. Relevant data that have become available during this period will also be discussed although these will often refer to earlier time periods.

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