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Bennett, John, ed. Bennett, John (2007) Developing drug and service users forums: conference report, 9th November 2006. Local Drug Task Force Conference Committee.

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This is the report of the "Developing Drug and Service User Forums" conference, which took place in the Royal Dublin Hotel, O'Connell St. on the 9th November 2006. The conference was significant in that it was the first time that drug/service users had come together to specifically discuss drug/service user involvement in the drug task force process and drug services generally. The report contains a summary of the various elements that combined to make the conference such a successful and useful event for all involved, including drug users, Local Drugs Task Forces, Regional Drugs Task Forces, and the National Drugs Strategy Team members. Most importantly the report contains a list of recommendations that were agreed by the conference participants. These provide a clear indication of the priority issues for drug/service users and those committed to pursuing this aspect of drug policy in Ireland, and ensuring that the actions contained in the National Drug Strategy relating to the involvement of drug users are fully implemented.

Pages:42 p.
Publisher:Local Drug Task Force Conference Committee
Keywords:AOD user, Ireland, knowledge, attitudes, and practices, rights of AOD users
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