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Cox, Gemma and McVerry, Peter (2006) Social care & drug users in Ireland: policy paper 2. Dublin: Drug Policy Action Group.

PDF (Social care & drug users in Ireland: policy paper 2.)

This paper examines the provision of formal i.e. specialist treatment services & drug agencies and generic social care services for problem drug users in Ireland. It will be seen that problem drug users (such as Jim and John), and people affected by the drug use of others, are a significant part of the workload of social care service providers. In many cases there will be a number of health and/or social care workers engaged in meeting the multiple and often inter-related needs of this client group. All too often there is a failure by social care services to recognise and/or provide for the inter-connected nature of drug users' needs. Services tend to focus on individuals 'single need' (be it treatment, accommodation/housing, mental health care or employment/ training) in isolation from the rest of their life.

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Irish-related, Report
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All substances
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Harm reduction
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JQ6.2, VH4.2
Drug Policy Action Group
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addiction care, AODD treatment, comprehensive treatment program, housing, Ireland, mental health
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HRB 3225 (Available), HRB 3471 (Available), HRB 3472 (Available)

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