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McKeown, Kieran (2006) The impact of drugs on family well-being. Dublin: Ballyfermot STAR.

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The main purpose of the study is to assess the needs of families who are affected by drug use. As the term is used in this study, a family is affected by drug use where one family member in the household is using illegal drugs. The concept of need refers to anyone who does not feel healthy or does not experience a sense of wellbeing. The report comprises seven chapters. Chapter One describes the socio-economic characteristics of Ballyfermot, the prevalence of illegal drug use in the community, and the range of services offered by Ballyfermot STAR. In Chapter Two explains the methodology used to carry out the study. Chapter Three describes the background characteristics of service users in Ballyfermot STAR while Chapter Four describes the extent of drug use experienced by these families. Chapter Five assesses the well-being of service users along a number of dimensions including physical, psychological, support networks, family relationships, etc. Chapter Six assesses the impact of drug use on family members by analysing variations in well-being according to the intensity of drug use experienced by the family. Finally, in Chapter Seven, the key findings and their implications are drawn together.

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