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Merchants Quay Ireland. Corr, Caroline (2004) Drug use among new communities in Ireland: an exploratory study. Dublin: National Advisory Committee on Drugs.

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This research aimed to examine the patterns of drug use among new communities in Ireland and to examine the different methods of drug use among minority ethnic groups in the country. It also aimed to seek reasons for drug use and the possible risks the users may be exposed to. Clients were contacted through areas where they were likely to meet and through key informants. Interviews were carried out with 10 problematic drug users from new communities, six of which were from Africa, with the remainder from the former USSR. Of the 10 interviewed, 9 were male and ages ranged from 24 to 44 years old. Seven of those interviewed reported heroin as their drug of choice, with five injected, and the other three reported cocaine as their drug of choice. One of the key findings was the difficulty for field workers to develop relationships of trust with new communities and the fact that drug users from new communities tend to be hidden as they do not associate with Irish drug users. The results from the interviews show that the stress in applying for asylum and an unsure legal status were often contributing factors to drug use. Younger interviewees cited 'cultural acceptance' from Irish peers as a reason for substance misuse. Several recommendations are made in the report, including making culturally sensitive material in different languages and the setting up of a specific outreach team to target new communities, with a peer-based approach.

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