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Riordan, Sinéad (2002) Final evaluation report of the teen parents support initiative. Dublin: Department of Health and Children.

PDF (Report of the teen parents support initiative.) - Published Version

The evaluation was commissioned by the Department of Health and Children and undertaken by the Centre for Social and Educational Research, Dublin Institute of Technology. The content of the report relates from the Initiative’s launch in July 1999 to June 2002.

The Initiative sought to provide a range of additional support services for teen parents during pregnancy, until their child/ren reached 2 years of age. Five specific programme objectives were identified by the Initiative:
1. To identify the needs of the targeted young parents, the services available to them and any gaps in these services;
2. To collect, collate and disseminate information on the parenting process and experience of targeted young parents;
3. To provide services to enhance and support the wellbeing of young parents and children to ensure equality of opportunity;
4. To encourage existing services to work collaboratively to enhance the capacity of the community, network and agencies to respond to the needs of this client group; and
5. To monitor and evaluate the pilot scheme and to disseminate the findings of the evaluation and stimulate any necessary change at policy level.

Item Type
Publication Type
Irish-related, Report
Intervention Type
Call No
MV, TW2.8, VH4.2
180 p.
Department of Health and Children
Place of Publication
Contains bibliographic references and tables.
Accession Number
HRB 2306 (Available)

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