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Ireland. Department of Health, Health Promotion Unit. (2003) The National Health and Lifestyle Surveys 2003. Regional summary report. Dublin: Health Promotion Unit, Department of Health and Children.

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Two baseline surveys of health related behaviours among adults and school-going young people were carried out across the Republic of Ireland in 1998 and again in 2002.

This report focuses on these two cross-sectional studies, SLÁN (Survey of Lifestyles, Attitudes and Nutrition) adults aged 18+ years and HBSC (Health Behaviour in School-aged Children) school-going children aged 10-17 years.

In keeping with the health and lifestyle surveillance system of many European countries a number of related factors were measured in both surveys. These include general health, smoking, use of alcohol and other substances, food and nutrition, exercise and accidents. This report presents the findings for the same topics at a regional level with some demographic analysis. It must be noted that the aim of the survey was to establish patterns in health and lifestyle at a national level. The significance therefore of findings at the regional level is to identify potential variations that may merit further investigation.

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Publisher:Health Promotion Unit, Department of Health and Children
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Keywords:general characteristics of health programs and facilities, geographic distribution of health care facilities, government health service, Ireland, national survey, regional differences, state survey
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