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Conlon, Catherine (1999) Women - the picture of health: a review of research on women's health in Ireland. Dublin: Women's Health Council.

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This review describes the extent of research on women’s health in Ireland and assesses its adequacy as a basis for policy. Distinguishing between data collection and data analysis as components of research, the findings of the review could be summarised thus: there are some areas of women’s health on which we do not have any data; in other areas data are collected but the data collection methods need to be gender proofed to ensure they are capable of revealing accurately the situation regarding women. There are further areas where data are collected which could be informative about women’s health but these data have not been analysed or otherwise used for policy purposes. Finally, there are some areas where available data have been analysed with regard to women and have provided revealing insights for policy makers.

Thus research on women’s health emerges as fragmented and further data collection and analysis are required so that policy can be informed by a comprehensive knowledge base.

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