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Metcalfe, Owen, ed. Burke, Sara (1999) Youth as a resource: promoting the health of young people at risk. (Unpublished) Dublin: Department of Health and Children.

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This report aims to document the health needs of young people at risk in Ireland. Links are made between risk behaviour and educational disadvantage and poverty. The focus of the risk group is on those who are likely to (or already have) left school early. Risk behaviours include being involved in crime, being left in "care", living in poverty and/or poor housing, having a history of family problems or abuse, having learning difficulties, having psychological/ behavioural problems, working in prostitution, homelessness and substance abuse. Health issues include mental health, sexual health and diet. To examine young people's perceptions of their health needs research was carried through the use of focus groups. The report also outlines the goals of a series of 12 fora held across Ireland to increase awareness of the health needs of young people at risk. Innovative, specifically targeted programmes are included as examples of effective practices being carries out to raise awareness among young people regarding the various risk issues.

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