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de Buis, Ciairin, ed. (2000) Have yiz no homes to go to? NYCI housing policy. Dublin: National Youth Council of Ireland.

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Housing has become one of the biggest issues in Ireland today. Average industrial wages from 1987 to 1998 have increased 45%. During the same period the average cost of a new house rose by 135%. Residential rents increased in Dublin by 24% in 1998 alone. As these tendencies continue, the housing market will put new pressures on young people leaving home and seeking to become house owners. The report concludes that many young people now view home ownership as something beyond their reach. Another trend is the fact that of those young people living at home, one quarter of them intends to remain there. Rented accommodation raises its own problems with rising rents and the lack of knowledge that rent allowance and rent relief are often available. The overall feeling in the survey is an overall sense of frustration, with young people being priced out of the housing market and rising rent another issue.

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