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Devlin, Fiona (1992) Final report on pilot project on tobacco, alcohol & drug education for period ending 31/12/92. Dublin: Health Promotion Unit, Department of Health.

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The Health Promotion Unit and the Southern Health Board through its Cork Social and Health Education Project agreed to develop a project for parents to help them to help their children to avoid the abuse of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. The project received a financial contribution of 32,500 ECU to support the pilot phase. The programme which was developed relies on the parent as the primary educator and seeks to make explicit the connection between prevention of drug abuse and family communication.

In autumn 1992 pilot courses were carried out with 10 groups of parents in Cork city and County.
The aims of these courses were to help parents to:
Strengthen Family Communication and self-esteem.
Develop greater responsibility for their families health.
Raise awareness about drugs in general.
Give information about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

The courses were carried out by people who already had undertaken group work training. The Pilot Project Officer gave additional training to these group leaders (Tutors). A 50 hour course during the Autumn of 1992. This included the provision of specially designed materials, support and ongoing supervision.

A qualitative evaluation was carried out with seven groups of parents and their tutors to establish how close to its objectives the pilot course was. Results indicate that the pilot is on target, and that parents are making the connection between parenting and prevention.

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