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Quinlan, Michael and Wyse, David and O'Connor, Ann Marie (1997) Men in prostitution. Dublin: Gay Men's Health Project and Eastern Health Board.

This study was initiated by the Gay Men's Health Project. The objectives of the study are to describe existing service provision for men working in prostitution in Ireland, and to determine the perceived needs of male prostitutes. The study also sets out to highlight the issue of male prostitution in Ireland. The results are based on the replies of twenty seven respondents to a detailed questionnaire. Questionnaires were sent to agencies which may come into contact with men working in prostitution for them to both complete themselves and distribute to appropriate clients.

The men who participated in the research ranged in age from under seventeen years to forty-five years. The majority had experienced homelessness. Drug taking was common among the majority of the men interviewed while over a third inject or have injected drugs. The report recommends that a specially designated project for men working in prostitution be established under the auspices of the Gay Men's Health Project, Eastern Health Board. The report also makes recommendations regarding youth homelessness, addiction services for those working in the sex industry and a review of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) 1995 Act.

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