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Dean, Geoffrey (1970) The abuse of psychotropic drugs. (Unpublished) Dublin: Medico-Social Research Board.

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This report provides a brief introduction to drug use in Ireland. The author provides a general history of drug use, types of drugs used, and problems of modern city life. In terms of the Irish situation, the author suggests that the problem of drug abuse presents itself in adolescents who experiment with drugs in a largely urban populations i.e. Dublin. Since 1968, 29 drug addicts have been admitted to psychiatric hospitals, and there has been an increase in the number of patients admitted on an outpatient basis. The author recommends an increase in the facilities available for young people, and increase in the provision of health information. A clear distinction must be made between 'hard' and 'soft' drugs, and appropriate measures should be taken to prevent their spread in society and to reduce the impact of the drug subculture. The author also recommends the further study of prescription practices, the provision of supervised treatment programmes and more drug education programmes.

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