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O'Gorman, Aileen (1999) No room for complacency: families, communities and HIV. Dublin: Cáirde.

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This research study was commissioned by Cáirde and funded jointly by Cáirde, the Eastern Health Board and the Combat Poverty Agency. It examines the effects of HIV, on the sufferer and also on his/her family, including parents, partners, children, siblings. The aims of the study were to assess the needs of the HIV-positive individuals and their families, to examine responses to the diagnosis and coping mechanisms, and to use people's experiences to inform policy making and practice.

Qualitative research was used, in the form of semi-structured in-depth interviews with the individuals and their families, and information interviewsí with personnel from statutory and voluntary service providers in the field of HIV/AIDS. Secondary data on risk behaviours, social exclusion and policy issues were collected to contextualise the interviews, and a policy seminar was held for families and personnel from HIV/AIDS services to discuss important themes and issues. Nineteen families took part in the research, with a total of 26 adults and seven children diagnosed as HIV positive, and a further 29 adults and 54 children who were indirectly affected by HIV/AIDS.

Call No:GH16.12.20, VH4.2
Place of Publication:Dublin
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Keywords:child (family member), death of family member, family and AOD, HIV infection, intravenous drug user, Ireland, retroviral disease
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L Social psychology and related concepts > Inclusion and exclusion
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L Social psychology and related concepts > Marital relations > Family and kinship > Family structure > Family support
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