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Athlone Youth Community Project. (1998) Poverty, drugs and policy: developing policies from local responses. Athlone: Athlone Youth Community Project.

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This report examines drug use among young people in Athlone, details the way in which Athlone Community Project consulted with interested parties in the region, and the policies that were developed as a result of information gathered. ACP found that no group had a set policy for dealing with discovered drug abuse and most groups expressed an interest in working to develop some policy. Meetings were held with community groups, training centres, Gardaí and probation workers and educational representatives at all levels.

These meetings focused on the perceived causes of drug abuse, the role of poverty and other social problems, available policies and the effect of education, unemployment and housing policies. The key findings were that: Youth Workers suffered from a lack of clear guidelines and training; generational unemployment meant that employment seemed a remote possiblity and drug dealing became the easiest source of income; and, that volunteer groups felt they would benefit from better access to health services, i.e. addiction counsellors. The report includes the case history of one local drug abuser. Appendices include minutes from meetings with interested parties.

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Publisher:Athlone Youth Community Project
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Keywords:AODR crime, Athlone, community action, Drugs Policy, Ireland, poverty, volunteer community service
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