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National Advisory Committee on Drugs. Morgan, Mark (2001) Drug use prevention: an overview of research. Dublin: National Advisory Committee on Drugs.

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This report summarises the main findings of research in Ireland and abroad relating to drug use prevention. The main risk factors for drug use are identified and several approaches and strategies for preventing use and misuse are examined. Based on the evidence presented here, a number of conclusions and recommendations are put forward.The main conclusion of the report is that there is no single drug problem requiring one solution -various problematic combinations of substances, patterns of use and influencing factors exist - but that there is a need to target and prevent use of the most dangerous substances. The report identifies the most serious drug problems as involving opiates and being largely associated with deprivation. The report also emphasises the need for partnership and the importance of educational opportunities. Raising public awareness of the importance of deprivation as a predisposing factor for the most damaging forms of drug misuse is identified as another important strategy in order to win general acceptance of the need for the large resources that will be needed to deal with these problems. The report also identifies a need for broadly-based programmes focusing on experimental drug use by young people of all social classes. Information alone has very limited effect in preventing drug misuse among young people and there is a need for continued investment in approaches that emphasise personal and social development. Irish school-based programmes, especially in the area of Social Personal and Health Education, are consistent with best practice in this regard. However, the impact of these programmes will be limited without the support of community and family.

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