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Midland Health Board. (2000) Substance misuse: education & prevention policy. Tullamore: Midland Health Board.

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The purpose of the policy described in this document is to - 1. Outline the aims of the Midland Health Board in responding to substance misuse in terms of: preventing substance misuse, particularly amongst young people; and; providing interventions, including counselling, treatment and support for those with problems associated with substance misuse. 2. Provide a consultative framework for the development of a multi-agency strategy on substance misuse in the Midland Health Board region. The background to this policy is described in the context of discussions locally in the Midland Health Board (MHB), the development of the Government's overall strategy for combating substance misuse, and the health board's regional policy for health gain.

The extent of substance misuse in the region is described using statistics for prosecution of drug offences, psychiatric admissions, and use of the Community and Alcohol Drug Service. The key factors involved in substance misuse are discussed: the individual; substance used; and the environment in which substance is taken. The MHB's position on effective approaches to substance misuse education is outlined. Other important elements in the policy include treatment and rehabilitation, information and research, monitoring and evaluation, and assigning responsibility for implementing the policy.

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