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McGettrick, Suzanne (2006) Drugs, smoking and alcohol among second level students in Portarlington. Masters thesis, National University of Ireland, Galway.

This is a study of the use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs among second level students in Portarlington. It focuses mainly on their use of these substances and also looks at their background, friends, pastimes and views of the town of Portarlington. It sets out to discover the number of second level students who use drugs, cigarettes and alcohol in Portarlington and whether the afore mentioned variables are significant with regard the level of use.

The research was undertaken using questionnaires and then analysed using SPSS. The outcome was that a large number of young people from those surveyed smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol and a small number have used drugs at least once in their lifetime. It was also found that friends and family do have an influence on the use of these substances by young people and that a lot more info is needed. One finding of the study that is of major importance is that young people feel that it is very easy to obtain these substances in Portarlington and this is something that needs to be changed urgently

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Pages:iii, 7
Keywords:AOD use, abuse, and dependence, availability or accessibility to minors, family risk and protective factors, Ireland, Laois, secondary education level
Notes:M.A. Social work. Thesis only available in NUI Galway library. Main library, Class TH 6738
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Subjects:L Social psychology and related concepts > Availability or accessibility to minors
T Demographic characteristics > Student (secondary level)
VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland > Laois
A Drugs and alcohol use, abuse, and dependence > Prevalence of drugs and alcohol use > Drugs and alcohol use behaviour

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