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Kenny, Susan (2001) Alcohol and drug use among undergraduate students. MSc thesis, Trinity College Dublin.

The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and drug use in a student population and to determine if there is an association between use of alcohol and illicit drugs among students. Of particular concern in this study was the difference between males and females with respect to substance misuse.

A descriptive study was undertaken that comprised two methods of investigation: a qualitative approach involving four focus group discussions of a sample of undergraduate students followed by a quantitative survey of undergraduate students. The quantitative study involved a cross sectional study that was undertaken using self-administered questionnaires on a convenience sample of 747 undergraduate students. The questionnaire was administered during scheduled lecture hours. A high response rate of 96.1% was achieved.

The results of the study provide evidence of substance misuse among students. The majority of students drank alcohol. Male students drank more units of alcohol than female students. Just under a third of the male students and a quarter of female students surveyed reported that they drank over the weekly recommended limits for alcohol consumption.

Levels of binge drinking, the ration between male and female students engaged in unsafe drinking and smoking were recorded. The results of this survey are similar to findings in the SLAN survey. Over half of the students surveyed I this study reported that they had used illicit drugs. The most commonly reported drugs were cannabis and ecstasy. The findings of this study suggest that many students in this study are drinking above the weekly recommended limits, smoking and using illicit drugs.

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