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MacCarthaigh, Tom (1995) Community and drugs: a Christian response. mPhil thesis, Trinity College Dublin.

All life is sacred and is a gift. It is holistic, embracing equally personal, interpersonal and public dimensions and the areas in which they overlap - community building, transparency and ecological sensitivity. Life is a process to be understood in terms of living systems theory. It is a movement towards balance, whereby the part is in the whole and the whole is in the part. Life is about the working out and the working through the inbuilt tensions that this involves. It is not neat, fixable or mechanistic. It very much requires on the part of men and women, faith, trust and a 'letting go'.

Widespread drug-use and addiction within our communities is best perceived from this context. They are symptomatic of what is happening in the life of the individual, family and wider society. They are to be approached from a systems viewpoint. In the struggle for wholeness and meaning, faith has generally been replaced by the quest for absolute security and certainty, and consequently, not just individuals but also systems such as families, communities and organisations like churches become addicted and dysfunctional.

The calls for a new paradigm from theology and spirituality - one based on right relationships and on the sense of hope that emerges from seeing how change occurs within living systems. Jesus, the Cosmic Christ, in his uniqueness based primarily on his total inclusiveness and openness to communion with all others and creation reveals and mirrors that life of which the paradigm speaks. All this necessitates a rethinking of traditional theology, the role of the church in society, our understanding of original sin and redemption and an embracing of a creation-centred spirituality which by definition is the one non-addictive reality in life because each time it is a new act.

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