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Woods, Marguerite (1991) Women, drugs, HIV: a discussion paper. In: AIDS: women, drugs and social care. London: Falmer , pp. 13-21.

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This paper discusses women's experiences of drug use in the context of social stereotyping, access to treatment and support, and agency attitudes. Of 619 drug users who tested positive for HIV in 1992, 150 were female. Female drug users report that they are perceived as drug users or the partners of members of high-risk groups, rather than as women, and that their issues and concerns are rarely examined in a gender specific context. As 74% of drug users are male treatment programmes are typically designed with them in mind. Many women are reluctant to present for treatment for HIV as they will find themselves sexually stereotyped and labelled unfit mothers. They perceive the concern is not for themselves and they regard agencies as operating as agents of infection control. The author calls on both treatment centres and agencies to empower female clients.

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