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Pike, Brigid (2002) National Drugs Strategy and structural mechanisms. In: A collection of papers on drugs issues in Ireland. Dublin: Health Research Board. 1- 47.

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This chapter provides an overview the main institutional mechanisms involved in the implementation of Irish Government strategy in relation to illegal drugs under the following headings: 1. National Drugs Strategy 1996-2000; 2. National Drugs Strategy 2001-2008; 3. National Development Plan 2000-2006; 4. National Co-ordination and Implementation; 5. Regional / Local Co-ordination and Implementation; 6. Evaluation of National Strategies. The objectives and performance indicators for each of the four pillars - supply reduction, prevention, treatment and research - set out in the National Drug Strategy 2001-2008 are briefly outlined. The section on National Co-ordination and Implementation of describes the role of the various bodies and organisations involved at each level. The following are involved central co-ordination level: Cabinet Committee on Social Exclusion; Oireachtas Committee on Drugs; the Inter-Departmental Group on Drugs; the National Drugs Strategy Team; and the Young People's Facilities and Services Fund (YPFSF) National Assessment Committee.

The key government departments and agencies are identified as: the Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation, which has responsibility for the overall co-ordination of national policy to tackle drug misuse; the Department of Health and Children, which plays a key role in relation to the prevention and treatment of drug misuse; the Department of Education and Science, which has a role in prevention; Fás, the state training agency; the Department of the Environment and Local Government; the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs; the Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform; an Garda Síochána; the Garda National Drugs Unit; and, the Office of the Revenue Commissioners. The establishment and functions of the National Advisory Committee on Drugs, which has responsibility for research and information on drug misuse in Ireland is described. The establishment of the Regional Drug Task Forces, and the work of the Local Drugs Task Forces (LDTF) are described. The setting up of the YPFSF, which complements the work of the LDTF is explained. The requirement to develop a culture of evaluation throughout all aspects of the implementation of the National Drugs Strategy is explained.

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