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Alcohol Forum Ireland. (2022) Thiamine, healthy eating & you. Donegal: Alcohol Forum Ireland.

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Thiamine and Alcohol-Related Brain Injury Otherwise known as vitamin B1, thiamine is an essential vitamin. This means your body cannot make it so you must get thiamine from the food you eat every day. Thiamine keeps your brain and heart healthy and also helps release energy from food. Low levels are very common among those who drink excessive amounts of alcohol. This could be because you are eating too little or because alcohol has stopped your body from using thiamine properly.

A lack of thiamine can cause brain damage over time. This is known as Alcohol-Related Brain Injury (ARBI). This condition can cause longlasting changes to your brain and lead to:

  • attention and concentration difficulties
  • poor memory
  • difficulties with new learning
  • difficulties making decisions
  • changes to your balance and coordination
  • changes in personality

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