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World Health Organization. (2021) Health promotion glossary of terms 2021. Geneva: World Health Organization.

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The glossary comprises two sections. The first contains core definitions that are central to the concept and principles of health promotion, which are described in some detail. This is followed by the main section that provides an extended list of 47 terms that are commonly used in relation to health promotion. Some of the definitions are original to the glossary or are composites of definitions that reflect different and evolving perspectives on individual terms. Some definitions remain the same as the previous (1998) version of the glossary (referred to as “unmodified”), many have been modified – either in the definition or accompanying commentary – to account for changes in use and evolution in concepts (referred to as “modified definition”/ “modified commentary”), and some are new additions to this edition of the glossary (referred to as “new term”). Some terms are highlighted in italics to assist the reader in cross-referencing with other definitions. This cross-referencing is intended to improve understanding of the interrelationships between different terms and concepts.

Core terms P.3 Health, Health promotion, Determinants of health, Disease prevention, Health equity, Health in all policies, Health literacy, Investment for health, Planetary health, Primary health care, Sustainable Development Goals, Well-being.

Health promotion glossary P.11 Burden of disease, Capacity building, Co-benefits, Commercial determinants of health, Community action for health, Community mobilization, Empowerment, Enabling, Environmental determinants of health, Global health, Governance for health, Health advocacy, Health behaviour, Health communication, Health diplomacy, Health education, Health for All, Health impact assessment, Health needs assessment, Health outcomes, Health policy Health promoting hospital, Health promoting schools, Healthy cities, Healthy islands, Healthy life expectancy, Infrastructure for health promotion, Intersectoral action for health, Life course, Mediation Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, Partnerships for health, Public health, Re-orienting health services, Resilience, Risk communication, Risk factor, Salutogenesis, Settings for health, Skills for health (life skills), Social capital, Social determinants of health, Social marketing, Social networks, Social support, Supportive environments for health, Universal health coverage.

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