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Alcohol Action Ireland. (2023) Alcohol Action Ireland webinar recording: Get the facts - on the label. Alcohol Action Ireland.

External website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9TX1sFd62g

Nearly five years after legislation was passed in Ireland providing for health information labelling of alcohol products, these groundbreaking regulations are on course for implementation despite ferocious opposition from global vested interests. But why are they necessary in Ireland? Rising levels of liver disease, low levels of public awareness of the alcohol /cancer link and sadly one of the highest levels of FASD in the world are just some of the reasons which will be explored in this event. We will also consider the international dimension to labelling and ask will Ireland's progress encourage other jurisdictions to follow suit in seeking to ensure their citizens' right to know the risks of alcohol?

Contributors include:

Prof John Ryan: Consultant Hepatologist/Gastroenterologist and General Physician, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin Clinical Lead for Hepatology, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, RCSI

A rising tide of liver disease - Prof John Ryan will give an insight into the high levels of alcohol-related liver disease in Ireland and the increasing numbers of younger people with the illness. He will outline approaches in Beaumont Hospital to this serious health issue and highlight the lack of knowledge about the impact of alcohol use on health.

Anne Doyle, Health Research Board: Public awareness of the relationship between alcohol use and breast cancer risk

Public awareness of the carcinogenic effects of alcohol is low, particularly the association between alcohol use and the risk of developing breast cancer. As breast cancer is the third most common cancer in Ireland and because of how much we drink and how we drink, it is important to understand who needs to be targeted, and how best to inform drinkers and those around them, to increase knowledge of this association.

Anne Doyle is a Research Officer in the Health Research Board (HRB). Her work involves collating information about alcohol use and related harms in Ireland. She is passionate about promoting the use of this evidence to influence policy and practice to help reduce the harms associated with alcohol use.

Caterina Giorgi,CEO FARE: Visible pregnancy health warnings for alcohol in Australia

We all want our families to have access to clear information about the health and safety of the products they buy – especially products that may harm our children. However, in Australia, alcohol products have never been legally required to carry a health warning about the risks alcohol can cause during pregnancy including miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight, pre-term birth and FASD. That is all changing now. In July this year, a red, white and black warning on the risks of alcohol use in pregnancy is being mandated on all alcohol products and packaging.

An effective health warning label on alcohol products was a small change that can make a big difference in the lives of many. This presentation explores the need for a health warning, the community support for the change and the advocacy that resulted in the Australian and New Zealand Government’s adopting a visible pregnancy health warning or alcohol. Caterina Giorgi is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction as FARE works towards creating an Australia free from alcohol harm. She is passionate about working with local communities, governments, researchers and health professionals to develop evidence-informed policy, enable people-powered advocacy, and deliver health promotion programs.

Before joining FARE as CEO, Caterina founded and led For Purpose, a national organisation working with other not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisations to build their strategic, advocacy and communications capacity to create positive social change. She also worked previously at FARE, leading the Policy and Research Team. Caterina has presented at national and international conferences and has delivered training and workshops on strategy, advocacy, public health and public policy. In 2015, she was a finalist for ACT Young Woman of the Year Awards. Caterina has an honours degree in public health and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Panel discussion with: Katie Dunphy, HSE Alcohol Programme and Rachel Morrogh, Director of Advocacy and External Affairs, Irish Cancer Society

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