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Specialist group on women’s mental health. (2022) Embedding women's mental health in Sharing the Vision. Dublin: Department of Health.

PDF (Embedding women's mental health in Sharing the Vision) - Published Version

This report builds on work already in development across all areas of women’s health nationally and internationally.

Embedding Women’s Mental Health emphasises that all health services need to take steps to strengthen gender awareness and should commit to this by signing up to the Women’s Mental Health Service Charter, in order that women experience an inclusive, supportive and effective mental health services that meets their needs. The Specialist Group therefore proposes that a Charter for women’s mental health be introduced across all healthcare settings, committing to three main aims:

  1. A gender-aware approach to the delivery and accessibility of all care
  2. A trauma-aware approach by all staff who contribute to the service
  3. The systematic collection and analysis of data on gender, ethnicity, disability and other risk factors for marginalisation of women

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