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Buss, Vera and West, Robert and Kock, Loren and Kale, Dimitra and Brown, Jamie (2024) Smoking in England portal.

External website: https://smokinginengland.info/graphs/top-line-find...

Smoking in England is the portal through which major findings from the Smoking Toolkit Study and other national data are made available to policy makers, clinicians, researchers, journalists and the general public. Monthly household surveys of representative samples of 1700-1800 adults (16+ years old) in England.

E-cigarette conclusions:

  • Use of e-cigarettes in adults has increased gradually since 2020, especially among young adults
  • Use of Juul and heated tobacco products is rare
  • E-cigarette use by never smokers increased since 2021 but remains relatively rare (~3%) while use among long-term ex-smokers has continued to grow since 2013
  • E-cigarette use in smokers and recent ex-smokers plateaued between 2013 and 2020 but has grown since
  • Around half of e-cigarette users and the majority of NRT users are ‘dual users’ (also smoke)
  • The proportion of daily e-cigarette and NRT users who are ‘dual users’ is lower

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