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Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. Byrne, Joan and McGee, Hannah and Garavan, Rebecca and Barra, Mairéad de and Conroy, Ronán Michael (2002) The SAVI report: sexual abuse and violence in Ireland. Dublin: Liffey Press.

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Sexual violence is a serious problem affecting individuals, families and societies. In Ireland there has been a substantial increase in the numbers of sexual offences reported over the past 20 years. While the number of recorded crimes increase, there is still concern that there is considerable under-reporting of sexual violence in Irish society. The SAVI Report aims to provide the first comprehensive investigation of lifetime experiences of sexual violence and the uptake of related services in Ireland. The SAVI study comprises two components. The first is a major survey of over 3,000 members of the general public about their attitudes and beliefs and their own lifetime experiences of sexual violence. Uptake of services and barriers concerning disclosure to others (including law enforcement, medical and therapeutic services) are considered. A parallel section considers the particular challenges of preventing and managing sexual violence in marginalized groups. Six exemplar groups were considered using varying research approaches – homeless women, the Travelling community, prisoners, women involved in prostitution, people with a learning disability and those using psychiatric services.

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