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Petersen, Kevin and Weisburd, David and Fay, Sydney and Eggins, Elizabeth and Mazerolle, Lorraine (2023) Police stops to reduce crime: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Campbell Systematic Reviews, 19, (1), e1302. https://doi.org/10.1002/cl2.1302.

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Authors' conclusions
While our findings point to favorable effects of pedestrian stop interventions on place-based crime and displacement outcomes, evidence of negative individual-level effects makes it difficult to recommend the use of these tactics over alternative policing interventions. Recent systematic reviews of hot spots policing and problem-oriented policing approaches indicate a more robust evidence-base and generally larger crime reduction effects than those presented here, often without the associated backfire effects on individual health, attitudes, and behavior. Future research should examine whether police agencies can mitigate the negative effects of pedestrian stops through a focus on officer behavior during these encounters.

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January 2023
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