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Westling, Erika and Rusby, Julie C and Crowley, Ryann and Light, John M (2022) A longitudinal study of e-cigarette, cigarette, and marijuana use sequence in youth. Tobacco Use Insights, 15, 1179173X221101813. doi: 10.1177/1179173X221101813.

External website: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1179...

OBJECTIVE: There is evidence linking youth use of electronic (e-) cigarettes to subsequent cigarette and marijuana use, raising public health concerns. We examined the sequence of use of e-cigarettes, conventional cigarettes, and marijuana in a longitudinal sample of adolescents, to determine if use of e-cigarettes often preceded use of other substances.

METHODS: We collected self-reports from 1123 Oregon adolescents (52% female; 37% Hispanic) longitudinally from 8 to 11 grade (8 total surveys) regarding their lifetime (ever use) and current use (last 30 days) of e-cigarettes, cigarettes, and marijuana. If applicable, students also reported the delivery method of their current marijuana use.

RESULTS: Almost 10% of adolescents reported using e-cigarettes prior to use of cigarettes or marijuana, and the majority of these youth initiated use of marijuana, cigarettes, or both by 11 grade. More youth transitioned from e-cigarette use to marijuana use then from e-cigarettes to use of conventional cigarettes. Participants who were co-using e-cigarettes and marijuana in 11 grade had an increased likelihood of consuming marijuana via vaping, dabbing, and edibles, compared to those who were only using marijuana.

DISCUSSION: E-cigarettes were often the first substance used in this longitudinal sample, and more of these youth subsequently used marijuana compared to cigarettes. While research has focused on the progression from e-cigarettes to cigarettes in youth, these findings indicate that more attention should be focused on the subsequent initiation of marijuana.

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