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Pompidou Group (Council of Europe International Cooperation Group on Drugs and Addictions). (2022) Lisbon declaration (to be adopted at the 18th Ministerial Conference of the Council of Europe Pompidou Group). Strasbourg: Council of Europe.

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We, the Ministers participating at the 18th Ministerial Conference of the Council of Europe Pompidou Group in Lisbon, Portugal, on 13 and 14 December 2022:
- reaffirm our support to the Pompidou Group, the Council of Europe international cooperation group on drugs and addictions, as a platform for dialogue and cooperation in the field of drug and addiction policies and a bridge between countries in Europe at large and beyond;
- recognize the important work done and the results achieved over the last four years under the leadership of the Portuguese Presidency and Polish Vice-Presidency, with the support and cooperation of all its members;
- welcome the accession of Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine, which brought the Pompidou Group to a 42 country membership in January 2022;
- fully support the decision taken by the Committee of Ministers in March 2022 to end the Russian Federation membership in the Council of Europe, and subsequently in the Pompidou Group, bringing its membership back to 41;
- express our strong support to Ukraine, the Pompidou Group’s newest member, and our full solidarity with its people faced with the tragic consequences of a war which affects the whole of Europe;
- welcome the commitment shown by the Council of Europe member states, which accepted to financially compensate the loss of the contribution of the Russian Federation to the Organization’s budgets, thus allowing its entities (including the Pompidou Group) to continue their important work;
- recall the obligations of States under the United Nations and the Council of Europe Conventions to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular the right to life and human dignity, the right to enjoy the highest attainable standards of health, the prohibition of any type of discrimination as well as the protection of all people, in particular children, from drugs and addictions;
- express our gratitude to the Pompidou Group members (France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland) or non-members (Spain) which helped to finance the Group’s activities through voluntary contributions between 2019 and 2022.

We welcome in particular:
- the adoption of the Pompidou Group revised statute in June 2021 by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, which constituted the major highlight of the Group’s 50th Anniversary celebration and makes it fit for the future not least by extending its mandate to addictions;
- the strong focus on human rights that was mainstreamed into all the Group’s activities and led to the creation of an innovative human rights self-assessment tool, in line with the Council of Europe core mission and our Conference’s motto “Human rights at the heart of drug and addiction policies”;
- the continued expansion of the Mediterranean Cooperation Network (MedNET), which celebrated its 15th Anniversary in 2021 and welcomed Spain in 2019 and Slovenia in 2022 as new participants ;
- the creation of the International Drug Policy Academy in 2020;
- the pioneering work of the Pompidou Group during the Covid-19 crisis to set up an online platform giving a voice to people to share experiences for best possible delivery of services under challenging conditions....

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16 November 2022
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