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Dillon, Lucy (2022) What Works Ireland Evidence Hub – call for submissions. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 83, Winter 2022, pp. 8-9.

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The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) has issued a call for submissions to their new prevention and early intervention (PEI) What Works Ireland Evidence Hub.1,2

What Works

DCEDIY’s What Works: Sharing Knowledge, Improving Children’s Futures initiative was launched in June 2019. It seeks to embed and enhance knowledge and quality in PEI in children and young people’s policy, service provision, and practice. There are four core strands to this work, which focus on data, evidence, professional development and capacity, and quality. Adding to this work, DCEIDY is setting up a What Works Ireland Evidence Hub and in September 2022 called for programmes to populate the evidence hub.

DCEDIY is working with the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF)3 and the Centre for Effective Services4 to develop the evidence hub of PEI programmes. It will be an online tool designed to increase access to effective PEI programmes for policymakers, service commissioners, providers, and other audiences. To support this work, DCEDIY has launched a call for submissions from those who have developed and provided PEI programmes in Ireland (or were involved in their evaluation) and who would like their programme to be included on the evidence hub. It is interested in programmes from a wide range of areas meeting PEI needs. Among the essential qualifying criteria is that the programme must be designed to improve one or more of a set of specified outcomes in children and young people. These outcomes include preventing substance use. Assessment for inclusion on the evidence hub will be based on the existing EIF Guidebook5 in the United Kingdom, which provides details of PEI programmes that have been evaluated and show some evidence of improving outcomes for children and young people.

The Irish evidence hub will contain information on over 100 PEI programmes that are already included on the EIF Guidebook, in addition to 10 programmes in Ireland that will be assessed for evidence of their impact. Programmes will be assessed by the EIF using its standards of evidence, which appraise the strength of the evidence for a programme’s effectiveness. Five programmes will be selected for assessment in the 2022–23 financial year, while an additional five will be assessed in 2023–24. The closing date for submissions of an expression of interest for inclusion on the evidence hub is 8 November 2022 and DCEDIY plans to launch the hub in 2023.

1  For further information on the DCEDIY evidence hub, visit: https://whatworks.gov.ie/what-works-ireland-evidence-hub/

2  Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) (2022) What Works Ireland Evidence Hub: open call for programmes. Dublin: DCEDIY. https://www.drugsandalcohol.ie/37151/

3  For further information on the Early Intervention Foundation, visit: https://www.eif.org.uk/

4  For further information on the Centre for Effective Services, visit: https://www.effectiveservices.org/

5  For further information about the EIF Guidebook, which is an online searchable database of PEI programmes, visit: https://guidebook.eif.org.uk/

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