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Lloyd, Eva, ed. (1999) Parenting matters: what works in parenting education? Illford: Barnardo's.

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Because the expansion of parenting education is likely to continue, it is important to ensure that methods involved in parenting education are effective. This report summarizes research on the effectiveness of parenting education and provides information to help practitioners develop methods of working with parents that are based on sound research evidence. Although the primary focus is on parenting and relationship skills for parents and caregivers, the report also includes information on preparation for parenthood and family life from childhood to adulthood.

Following an executive summary, the chapters are: (1) "Parenting Matters--The Scope and Limits of the Report" (Eva Lloyd); (2) "Assessing Effectiveness" (Tony Newman and Helen Roberts); (3) "What Works in Parent Education Programmes" (Jane Barlow); (4) "Researching the Impact of Parent Training Programmes on Child Conduct Problems" (Carolyn Webster-Stratton); and (5) "Implications for Policy and Practice" (Eva Lloyd). The report notes that despite limitations of research conducted to date, there is evidence that parent education can improve the behavior of preadolescent children, with behaviorally oriented programs producing the largest behavioral change. The report asserts that alongside parenting education there must be a real attempt to address other factors that make it difficult for parents to bring up their children successfully

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