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(2022) Special section on compulsory drug treatment and rehabilitation, health, and human rights. Health and Human Rights Journal, 24, (1),

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In collaboration with the Joint United Nations Programme for HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Regional Support Team for Asia and the Pacific and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific

EDITORIAL  A Slow Paradigm Shift: Prioritizing Transparency, Community Empowerment, and Sustained Advocacy to End Compulsory Drug Treatment
Claudia Stoicescu, Karen Peters, and Quinten Lataire

No Exit: China’s State Surveillance over People Who Use Drugs
Mu Lin, Nina Sun, and Joseph J. Amon

The Politics of Drug Rehabilitation in the Philippines
Gideon Lasco and Lee Edson Yarcia

The Right to Health as a Tool of Social Control: Compulsory Treatment Orders by Courts in Brazil
Luciano Bottini Filho

VIEWPOINT Toward the Emergence of Compulsory Treatment for Drug Use in Morocco?
Khalid Tinasti

VIEWPOINT Not Enough Stick? Drug Detention and the Limits of United Nations Norm Setting
Daniel Wolfe and Roxanne Saucier

VIEWPOINT Transitions from Compulsory Detention to Community-Based Treatment: No Transparency without Data, No Accountability without Independent Evaluations
Pascal Tanguay, Anand Chabungbam, and Gino Vumbaca

VIEWPOINT Moving toward Voluntary Community-Based Treatment for Drug Use and Dependence
Robert Ali and Matthew Stevens

Capacity-Building in Community-Based Drug Treatment Services
Michael J. Cole

VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE Compulsory Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation, Health, and Human Rights in Asia
Quinten Lataire, Karen Peters, and Claudia Stoicescu

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