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Cole, Michael J (2022) Capacity-building in community-based drug treatment services. Health and Human Rights, 24, (1), pp. 189-202.

External website: https://www.hhrjournal.org/2022/06/capacity-buildi...

Globally, there are not enough services to meet the enormous demand for evidence-based community-based drug treatment. Further, the effectiveness of available services varies as much as the diversity of their treatment regimens. Capacity-building can help increase the scale and improve the quality of those interventions. Maximizing the impact of capacity-building requires a comprehensive and systematic approach considering three levels-the individual worker, organization, and service sector-and it starts with assessment and planning. This paper describes the areas to consider and steps to follow when planning and implementing a comprehensive capacity-building approach in community-based drug treatment services. Utilizing an empowerment model for capacity-building can increase the stakeholders and resources engaged in the process. Better engagement with community stakeholders increases the likelihood that capacity-building outcomes will be sustainable. Further, the institutionalization of capacity-building can establish and promote an organizational culture of continuous learning.

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