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Herman, Joan L and Morris, Lynn Lyons and Fitz-Gibbon, Carol Taylor (1987) Evaluator's handbook. Sage .

The heart of the Program Evaluation Kit, this volume provides a broad overview of evaluation planning and a practical guide to designing and managing programs. Learn how the field of evaluation has changed over the last ten years. This volume is concise, informative, and clearly written. Major attention is given to: establishing an evaluation's parameters; the how-to's of formative and summative evaluation; and the power of evaluation studies that combine both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Also covered are recently developed evaluation standards; and a new emphasis on ongoing program monitoring in evaluation. The Evaluator's Handbook also covers: concerns, user needs, and other socio-political factors that influence the utility of an evaluation. Strategies for maximizing utility are included throughout the evaluation planning, implementation, and reporting process.

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