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[Garda Inspectorate] Public consultation on Transnational Crime Inspection. (18 Jul 2022)

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This consultation aims to explore the effectiveness of the Garda Síochána in terms of organisational and cross-agency learning, as well as working with the community. The Inspectorate wishes to hear your views and experiences on how the Garda Síochána tackles transnational organised crime both nationally and in your community. 

The Inspectorate is currently conducting an examination of the structures, strategies and processes in place to disrupt and dismantle transnational organised crime. Additionally, the Inspectorate is exploring how the Garda Síochána protects communities from the impacts of transnational crime and ensures that their rights are upheld. For the purpose of the inspection, the Inspectorate will use the following definition for transnational crime:
Transnational crimes are violations of the criminal law by organised crime groups that involve more than one country in their planning, execution, or impact and which involve the provision of illicit goods or services. Examples of which include, trafficking in people, drugs and firearms, money laundering and document or identity fraud.

The Terms of Reference that guide the work of the inspection team can be found here

How the Inspectorate will use this information - The Inspectorate will use the results of this consultation process to gain a better understanding of the impact that transnational organised crime has on local communities.

How to participate in this consultation The Inspectorate has created two consultations that will run in tandem;
Survey for members of the public - Members of the public who may have been victims of or witnesses to Transnational Organised Crime can share their experiences and their perception of how the problem is being tackled by completing this survey. Link to survey for members of the public

Survey for people working or volunteering in groups who may have engage with the Garda Síochána in relation to transnational organised crime - Individuals in state bodies, non-government and civil society organisations, victim and community support organisations and academia who may have engaged with the Garda Síochána in relation to tackling various transnational organised crime types are invited to complete this survey.
Link to survey for state bodies, non-governmental and civil organisations, victim and support organisations and academics

The deadline for completion of the consultation is 12 September 2022.
All queries on the consultation can be sent to publicconsultation@gsinsp.ie

We are committed to engaging with stakeholders in a clear, open, and transparent manner. Any person or organisation can make a submission in relation to this consultation. All submissions and feedback will be considered by the Inspectorate.Please note that while the Inspectorate comes under the Freedom of Information Act 2014, Schedule 1, Part 1 (O) of the FOI Act 2014 provides that the Garda Síochána Inspectorate is not a public body for the purposes of the FOI Act insofar as it relates to records concerning an inspection or inquiry carried out by that Inspectorate under section 117(2) of the Garda Síochána Act 2005. Therefore records related to inspections or inquiries cannot be released under FOI. We would like to draw your attention to the Inspectorate’s Data Protection Data Privacy Notice which is available on our website and explains how and when we collect personal data, why we do so and how we treat this information. It also explains your rights in relation to the collection of personal information and how you can exercise those rights.

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