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[Oireachtas] Joint Sub-Committee on Mental Health debate - Addiction Services. (14 Jun 2022)

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We are meeting with Tabor Group and the Family Addiction Support Network, FASN, to discuss addiction services. From the Tabor Group we have Ms Colette Kelleher, CEO, Mr. John Calnan, operations manager and Mr. Mick Devine, clinical director. From the FASN we have Ms Gwen McKenna, family support specialist, Ms Jackie McKenna, project co-ordinator and Ms Marian Sloan, vice-chair. They are all very welcome to our meeting this morning.


All members and witnesses are again reminded of the long-standing parliamentary practice that they should not criticise or make charges against any person or entity by name or in such a way as to make him, her or it identifiable, or otherwise engage in speech that might be regarded as damaging to the good name of the person or entity. Therefore, if their statements are potentially defamatory in relation to an identifiable person or entity, they will be directed to discontinue their remarks. It is imperative that any such direction be complied with.


I call on Ms Sloan to say a few words.


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