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Health Service Executive. (2022) Health Service Executive annual report and financial statements 2021. Dublin: Health Service Executive.

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PART I - Section 1: Foreword - Outlines our key messages through the Statement from the Chair of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer Review

Section 2: Strategic Context and Direction - Describes the context in which services were delivered in 2021 and outlines our longer-term vision and direction

Section 3: Operational Delivery - Describes how services were delivered during 2021, summarises performance against our National Service Plan 2021, and elaborates on the key enablers for making change happen

Section 4: Our Management and Accountability - Provides an overview of key governance and accountability arrangements within the HSE, including a Board Members’ Report and Risk Management Report for 2021

Appendices - Includes a description of our organisational structure and the mechanism through which services are delivered, a report on expenditure and Human Resource data, a report on the NSP 2021 scorecard and key activity, a report on capital infrastructure, a schedule of Board and Committee attendance, fees and expenses, a checklist describing how legislative compliance has been met within this Annual Report and a glossary of terms.

PART II - Financial Governance: Provides details of our financial governance including the Annual Financial statements.

Social Inclusion (p.38)

  • Work continued on enhanced COVID-19 responses for outbreaks and clusters in social inclusion settings including travellers, homeless and diverse ethnic groups, as well as special quarantine for those seeking asylum
  • New models of care were implemented, including the provision of wrap-around supports for homeless people in Housing First tenancies
  • Implementation continued of the Homeless Hospital Discharge Programme, to ensure appropriate access to and continuity of care for homeless persons leaving hospital
  • Implementation of the European Web Survey on Drugs to gain insight on current drug use patterns and the impact of COVID-19
  • A new campaign was launched, aimed at young people who use drugs in nightlife spaces, to promote harm reduction messages about emerging drug trends and drug market concerns
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