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HSE drugs.ie. [HSE drugs.ie] Reduce the harms at festivals. (25 May 2022)

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For many people festivals are the highlight of the summer. At Drugs.ie, we want your festival experience to be as safe as possible and one to remember for all the right reasons. Not everyone will use substances at festivals and it is always safest not to use drugs at all. However, we know that drug use takes place across nightlife and festival settings and we want to raise awareness of the current risks and encourage people to reduce the harms.

Be in know about the current drug market: We are concerned about the current drug market including high strength MDMA (pills, powders/crystals) and cocaine. However, new substances have also been appearing in MDMA in the UK. As well as this, we have concerns for synthetic cannabinoids emerging in cannabis (vape, herbal products and edibles)....

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