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Basic, Marin and Mitic, Dejan and Krstic, Mirjana and Cvetkovic, Jovana (2022) Tobacco and alcohol as factors for male infertility-a public health approach. Journal of Public Health, fdac042. doi: 10.1093/pubmed/fdac042.

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BACKGROUND: The study of reproductive characteristics of 430 male subjects of different age, fertility status and educational level who were involved in the program of extracorporeal fertilization at the Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Clinical Centre Niš, examined their knowledge, attitudes and behavior regarding tobacco and alcohol consumption as lifestyle risk predictors of their partial or full infertility.

METHODOLOGY: Consisted of the analyses of spermiograms to establish their fertility status and a survey of their attitudes towards smoking and alcohol use (behavior, knowledge of the general health and reproductive health consequences of such a lifestyle, and their determination to change it).

RESULTS: The proportion with higher tobacco consumption and more severe forms of infertility increased significantly with ageing (P < 0.001); the highest daily consumption of alcohol and the incidence of intoxication was seen among azoospermic patients; the level of awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco was highest among normozoospermic subjects and the highest level of determination to quit smoking was statistically significantly present among azoospermic subjects.

CONCLUSION: Appropriate use of health promotion activities in relation to alcohol and tobacco use is through specially designed programs.

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