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National Office for Traffic Medicine. (2022) Medical fitness to drive guidelines (Group 1 and 2 drivers). Dublin: Road Safety Authority.

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Each year a new edition of Sláinte agus Tiomáint is published reflecting changes to the guidance and advice to medical professionals around driver fitness. With a longer life expectancy and a desire to be as mobile as possible its important that medical professionals are clear on what types of illnesses and disabilities impact on driving. The philosophy of the Road Safety Authority is to promote mobility, but this must be consistent with safety on our roads. Fortunately, advances in both medicine and vehicle technology provide opportunities to maintain mobility where this might not have been an option in the past. This year the EU is working to publish a new driver licensing Directive. We know that the area of medical fitness to drive will be under scrutiny. Ireland through the Road Safety Authority, the Department of transport and the National Office of Traffic Medicine will be contributing to the process.

Chapter 6: Alcohol and other substance misuse and dependence p.89

  • Part 1 Alcohol misuse and dependence
  • Driver information leaflet: alcohol and driving
  • Part 2 Drugs Misuse and dependence
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April 2022
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Road Safety Authority
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National Office for Traffic Medicine
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11th edition

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