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Hasanović, Mevludin and Kuldija, Abdurahman and Pajević, Izet and Jakovljević, Miro and Hasanović, Muhammed (2021) Gambling disorder as an addictive disorder and creative psychopharmacotherapy. Psychiatria Danubina, 33, (Suppl 4), pp. 1118-1129.

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Addiction does not mean "addiction to substances" only. At the core of the definition of substance dependence is the loss of control. Gambling addiction belongs to non-substance / non-chemical addictions or behavioral/behavioral addictions. The concept of behavioral addictions is new and revolutionary in psychiatry. Gambling addiction, formerly pathological or problematic gambling occurs due to loss of control over gambling. There is growing evidence to suggest that behavioral addictions resemble substance addictions in many domains, including phenomenology, tolerance, comorbidity, overlapping genetic contribution, neurobiological mechanisms, and response to treatment.

Behavioral addiction has been proposed as a new class in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual Fifth Revision (DSM-5), but the only category included is gambling addiction. The prevalence of gambling disorders in adolescence is very high and for certain disorders (especially related to the use of the Internet) it becomes more pronounced over time. In this paper, we presented a comprehensive overview of gambling disorders from definition, epidemiology, manifestations, comorbidities, assessment, treatment options, and existing forms of treatment. Given the complexity of the approach to the treatment of gamblers, a creative individualized integrative approach is necessary, which is the basis of creative psychopharmacotherapy. Due to the possibility of the emergence of problem gambling and other impulse-control deficits we need to be very careful when commencing a patient on dopamine replacement therapy or therapy with aripiprazole.

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